Polyester Topper

Get the best fibers for the best luxury comfort during your sleep ..... For more details see below.
Manufacturer: SleepHigh
SKU: SH-0419
240.00 (SAR)

The Polyester Topper layer is made of basic polyester fibres. It is a sophisticated fibre of cluster fiber designed to provide our classical luxury sense while maintaining flexibility over time. High-performance fiber hollow that characterized by a cross-section which moves each strand to deliver a high upper balance, a superfilling force, as well as strength and durability.Produces the latest and most up-to-date fiber production lines in the world. We strive to get better fiber for better luxury.



Products specifications
Style Box Quilted Polyester Fiber Quilt
Color Bleached White
Fabric 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester, Plain
Height 5 cm
Filling 3D x 64 mm Polyester hollow fiber, 350g/m 2No
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