This bed is designed at an economical price and also for child safety.....For more details see below.
Manufacturer: SleepHigh
SKU: 010209

This bed is designed at an economical price and
also for child safety. Its base with a wooden surface without springs with two sides and the back of the same cloth.

- The height of the bed is 20 cm and the height of the barriers is 62 cm and it is always covered with cloth.
- Sponge and embroidered cloth with a thickness of 2 cm.
- Wood thickness is 9 mm in single case and 12 mm in double.
- Surface thickness is 5.2 mm.


* Important notice: Mattress is OPTIONAL and not included in the price of bed.


* The recommended mattress for this type of bed heights between 15 - 22 cm.


* You can order this type of bed and its fits mattress through the below link:



Products specifications
Foundation Frame Wood
Moisture Content 12% Wrap Resistent
Thikness 12 mm
Thikness Wooden Cover 5.2 mm
The Bottom Cover Polypropylene
Corner Guards Plastic
Upholstered Fabric
Legs Strong Rug Rollers from Glides
Fabric Barrier Fabric
Thikness Barriers 62 mm
Height 20 cm
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