Cashback Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Trade-In your old mattress with a NEW SLEEPHIGH mattress for a great price, in addition to upto SR 1000 Cash back with every new mattress you purchase!

  1. This SLEEPHIGH trade in Offer (the “Offer”) is valid from 26th April 2018 and until the 10th June 2018 (“Offer Period”).

  2. This trade in Offer is available only at selected SLEEPHIGH outlets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  3. In order to avail offer, a mattress MUST be given / Exchanged / Donated

  4. Irrespective of how many used / old mattresses are donated, this cash back offer will be applicable only on items purchased as per following clause # 5

  5. The cash back offer is valid on the following products ONLY as per this table:



     6. The Mattress to be traded-in should:

  • Be mentioned in terms of size and quantity by customer at time of placing order

  • Be physically presented by the customer at the time of new mattress delivery.

  • The customer must remove any bed sheets / linen for the SLEEPHIGH team to easily remove / take away the old mattress

  • The store personnel/website will request the customer identification details and the old mattress specifications

  • This offer is not transferable to another mattress or item other than the 8 promoted mattresses.

  • SLEEPHIGH will not be liable to the customer for any loss and/or damages of any kind suffered in connection with the purchase, redemption and/or use of this Offer or the inability to use this Offer.

  • SLEEPHIGH will be entitled at its sole discretion and subject to any applicable law, to terminate or modify the Offer or to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time prior to the Offer period or during the Offer period.

  • By participating in this Offer, the customer accepts that any dispute of whatever nature which is directly or indirectly related to these Terms and Conditions or to the participation in this Offer, will be subject to, governed and construed by the laws and regulations in the Saudi Arabia and such disputes shall be resolved by the competent courts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.