SLEEP HIGH was founded more than half a century ago, and started production in 1963, after obtaining the first industrial license to manufacture spring mattresses. The compa

Mattress + 1 Pillowcase Protector

79 SAR

Mattresses & Pillows with a protective layer have the ability to resist allergies and skin diseases and resist respiratory irritation. We recommend that we maintain the mattress cleanly and healthily by the continuous use of the external protection system for the mattress against liquids, dust mites and substances that irritate the Lung bronchi of humans, especially young people.


Protective cover components

The components of the protection cover consist of:

Top layer: Sea wool weighing 240 grams per square meter.

Bottom layer: 100% insulation polyurethane.


Instructions to use

The mattress protector absorbs stains, moisture, fluids and the remnants of the human body during sleep. The special protection cover from Sleep High is washable and cleanable in warm water at a temperature of no more than 40°C to protect it from damage.

Products specifications

Fabric Sea Wool

The Bottom Cover Polypropylene

Weight 240 gsm

Firmness Extra Soft

79 SAR
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