SLEEP HIGH was founded more than half a century ago, and started production in 1963, after obtaining the first industrial license to manufacture spring mattresses. The compa

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Pillowcase Cover

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14.49 SAR 20.70 SAR

Float off to rest in unadulterated extravagance with the SleepHigh Pillowcase Pair, made from 100% cotton for a too delicate and welcoming feel.

Ideal for setting you off on a tranquil night's rest, these pillowcases have a perfect and contemporary appearance with coordinating bed sheets accessible.



  • Soft 100% cotton fabric
  • Crisp and clean design
  • Matching bed sheets available


  •     Fabric: 100% Cotton
  •     Width: 50-55 cm
  •     Length: 75-80 cm

Products specifications

Fabric 100% Cotton

Moisture Content 12% Wrap Resistent

14.49 SAR 20.70 SAR
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