SLEEP HIGH was founded more than half a century ago, and started production in 1963, after obtaining the first industrial license to manufacture spring mattresses. The compa


1,040.75 SAR

This bed is designed to provide safety for the children in their early years due to the presence of wood barriers on both sides.


- The height of the bed is 20 cm and is available in two sizes: 80 * 160 and 100 * 200.

- Sponge and embroidered cloth with a thickness of 2 cm.

- Wood thickness is 9 mm in a single case and 12 mm in double.

- Surface thickness is 5.2 mm.

- The bed barriers are made of beech wood and 66 cm in height.


* Important notice: Mattress is OPTIONAL and not included in the price of the bed. 


* The recommended mattress's height for this type of bed is between 17 cm to 20 cm height.


* It can be purchased from the mattress section or through the below link which fits this bed.

Products specifications

Foundation Frame Wood

Moisture Content 12% Wrap Resistent

Thikness 12 mm

Thikness Wooden Cover 5.2 mm

The Bottom Cover Polypropylene

Corner Guards Plastic

Upholstered Fabric

Legs Strong Rug Rollers from Glides

Wood Barrier 66 cm

Height 20 cm

1,040.75 SAR
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