Shipping & Returns


Delivery Policy

We shall do our best to deliver your products according to delivery date provided in the email, but please note that all delivery dates provided through “SLEEP HIGH Shop Online” (either on the website or by phone or email or by SMS) are estimated dates, delivery timing may differ and we will advise you of any such changes if it happens.

The Terms and conditions (“Delivery Terms”) will be enforced on delivering our products to you, which you bought through the internet from our website Please visit “How to Shop Online” for more information about our delivery service. 

SLEEP HIGH reserves the right to change the terms of delivery at any time. Any changes in delivery terms become valid on all new deliveries, which are made after posting the new changes on our website. You should check delivery terms posted on SLEEP HIGH website before each new delivery order.


Delivery locations

We shall deliver purchased products to the address specified in the purchase order. Delivery location must be inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Note: the delivery locations may differ during specific campaigns). The location must be reachable by ground transportation and the company might apply some charges for locations that distance from main cities ( please see term '' Delivery Zones'' . You assume responsibility to be present in the delivery address or location on the date of delivery, we reserve the right to check the recipient data to insure that the customer had received his order.


Delivery Dates

We strive to deliver your order within (7– 14 working days) of your purchase, depending on the availability of products in stock, unless otherwise has been agreed upon.

You will receive the confirmation of your order via Email / SMS, so ensure to check your email regularly. Also make sure you are present in the address provided on the date of delivery.

In case you cannot be present on the specified time, you have to inform us to change the date of delivery in the nearest possible time. At least 72 hours ahead of changing the date of delivery by calling one of our representatives on contact us numbers.

If you provided us the wrong information or incomplete data, your delivery may be canceled without any prior notice, so please ensure to provide accurate and complete details. 

Cancelling any order (partially) due to unavailability in stock or from customer, would cause the rescheduling of delivery date.( and we will inform you of the change if it happens). 

If you purchased item(s) which are not available, we shall contact you to inform you and give you the option of either cancelling the unavailable product and keep your order or cancel the whole order. If we could not contact you (or if you don’t return our calls, or we could not reach you) your order will be kept waiting for you to follow up for 3 days after the delivery date. After the 3 days your order will be cancelled and the amount you paid will be returned to your account.

You have the right to change the date of delivery for a period of up to 7 days from the order date.


Delivery Charges and Zones  (Online Minimum order is 500 SR)

When you place an order online we’ll prepare the items for you and have it delivered directly from one of our Distribution Centers to your desired location.We offer multiple options of delivery which are based on your location's zone. below are the three zones which are implemented in the kindom of saudi arabia:





Min order SAR 500 = SAR 50 SHIPPING



Min order SAR 500 = SAR 250 SHIPPING


Delivery Charges

When you place an order online we’ll prepare the items for you and have it delivered directly from one of our Distribution Centers to your desired location.

- Online Minimum order is 500 SR



Cash On Delivery (COD)


We like to give our customers the flexibility of paying in cash for their orders, apart from offering various prepaid options. However, this option is only fesable for Zone (1) and for mattresses with standard sizes only


We accept payments only in the local currency. On delivery, only cash payments will be accepted - any other modes of payment such as personal Draft/Cheques will not be accepted for orders booked under the COD method of payment.



Delivery Arrangements

Once you complete your order online, we will send you a letter of confirmation by Email/SMS containing product details of delivery and date.

Delivery will be to the address you specified in your online order or through our Customer Care Center representatives. You have to make sure we can reach your address specified, to be present to receive your order and on the date agreed upon. Please notify us as soon as possible if you cannot be present to receive your delivery. We shall not be responsible for any delay in delivery due to your breach of these terms and conditions. 

If you are not present in person to receive your order, you may assign someone to do so on your behalf. The person you assign must be an adult capable of receiving and to acknowledge the order; we shall have the right to rely on his instructions as if it were issued by you.  The delivery staffs are not allowed to leave any items without having the receipt signed. 

On delivery, please check all products delivered its physical condition and if number of packages is correct. You will be asked to sign the delivery documents, which confirm that the delivery process had been completed, the number of your packages, and that the delivery didn’t cause any damages to your properties, and that the products delivered were “free from any damages” and that you are happy with the service you have received. 

If there are any clear damages, missing items, or incorrect items, please specify that within one working day on top of the receipt document given to you on time of delivery. Missing, damaged or incorrect items will be exchanged and delivered free of charge.  That will not affect your legal right to notify us on a later date once you find any damage on the product later on. You must notify us of any products that are damaged, missing, or/and incorrect within a reasonable time after that you get a chance to test your products.

If you refuse to sign the delivery receipt, it would be considered as refusal to receive the delivery and consent to cancel the order. 

Once you receive your order personally (or by your representative), you become the owner of those items and you would be from that time responsible for it. That means you will be responsible of any damages or loss that may occur later.