The unique technology of Visco luxury offers the ultimate level of softness & comfort.....For more details see below.
Manufacturer: SleepHigh
SKU: 010177

Visco Luxury - The unique technology of  Visco luxury offers the ultimate level of softness & comfort. Its specially designed smart  memory foam has the ability to comply & adapt to your body shape & weight. This natural 'body-hugging' quality creates a sense that you are sleeping "in' you mattress like a baby in his mothers hands.



Comfort Layers 
Premium Elastic Memory Foam 

Core Support
Special Comfort Foam 

Outer Covering Fabric
Durable High Class Smooth Fabric for extra softness and relaxation

Special Features 
All Memory Foam Mattress to Take the shape of your body 




Products specifications
Height 30 cm
Firmness Soft
Warranty 10 Years
Spring Type Spring Free
Usable Sides Dual sided
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The reliable mixture of (60 % Polyisoprene + 20 %Butadiene) resulted in a resilient and elastic structure.....For more details see below.
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